Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin, or even sensitized skin, is a type that people may understand to varying degrees. They’re actually two different things. The former being genetic, and the latter a matter of the environment. Both share similar symptoms, but sensitized skin will actually have its issues disappear as the skin heals.

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Common Symptoms

  • Skin is very thin, almost translucent
  • Blotchy Redness
  • Blushing/Flushing almost always
  • Tight, dry feeling
  • Itchy or flaky dry patches
  • Sensations of tingling, prickling, or burning
  • Spots, bumps, or rash-like feel
  • Reacts to touch or any slight product changes

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Common Causes

  • Skin Disorders i.e. Rosacea, Eczema – These are conditions that normally you’d be diagnosed with. There are manners of treating them, but how your skin reacts to products may be different. For something like eczema, exfoliating all the dead skin away is just not the way to go about it. Doctors recommend emollients, which are very gentle exfoliators that moisturize.
  • Allergic Reaction – This can occasionally be a bit complicated as there are varying levels of sensitivity for all. In all honesty; this is one of the things you’ll notice yourself first. Whereas others might think you’re flushed, you’ll be aware that this only happens with cucumber products and so on. Even different parts of your body may react differently. Pay attention to everything from cleansers to body butters.
  • Overindulgence with Skin Products – Yeah, don’t be me. Kinda. The Korean method is great and all, but trying out 3 different nose strips and 5 different masks in a day just to compare is guaranteed to make your face a wreck the next day. Overly dry, overly exposed, large empty pores just waiting to be clogged by anything. Just chill for a few days with a water cleanser and green tea or snail moisturizers if you do.
  • Not Being Aware of Your Skin – Just a few rules to live by that you’ll eventually make for yourself. If your skin is dry and cracked, don’t exfoliate. If your face is oily, an oil cleanser is just adding to the heaviness. If something makes you feel bad even if the smell is what bothers you, don’t use it. Not all products are the same even as the same type and main ingredients so it’s natural that not everything will be right for you.

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You really just got to trust you body on this one. Sharing is caring so if you ever find out you got a product that doesn’t work for you and returning things sounds unfathomable, give to a friend. I usually give it to M, who definitely enjoys the things I can’t.

In my personal experience, the beautiful thing that is aloe vera cannot touch my face. It’s brilliant for sunburns when I get them, and that’s probably why it took so long for me to notice with it on my shoulders or back.

However, the cooling product that normally reduces redness makes my face feel like it is burning and makes redness flare up for the the next half hour.This is an allergic reaction. It also happens with Rose, Blueberry, Pomegranate, and a few others.

I don’t even normally consider my skin sensitive but for products with those as main ingredients, it’s always a rash. On the bright side, its easy to recognize as the only two things I am allergic to also produce rashes.  I can touch or eat all of those things without issue–just not on my face in a skin product.

Some products that work great for sensitive skin and sensitive days that I’ve enjoyed or lovingly insisted on trying on friends include Nature Republic’s Green Tea Serum, Mizon’s Snail Recovery Gel, and the SAEM’s White Tea Cleansing Water.

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You know you. You know your skin. You got this.

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