Skin Type: Combination Skin

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Combination skin types get the worst of all worlds, and it’s extremely common. Luckily, with it being so common–there are a lot of ways to manage it. Personally, I find that combination skin types can actually handle the most ‘abuse’ with exfoliator and cleansers alike. With work, it can make its way towards normal skin pretty closely.

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Common Symptoms

  • Enlarged pores within T-zone. This part of the face is oily, and prone to the most blemishes.
  • Normal-Dry skin around cheeks and chin. Dryness may vary, and redness may also be an issue.
  • Blackheads consistently, especially around nose.
  • Shiny and/or slightly red complexion

Common Causes

Genetics/Hormones – It’s. Everything.  Your hormones are so out of wack that it’s telling your face and glands to do two things at once. Lipid production is completely inconsistent.

Weather – Weather has the biggest effect on this skin type since it’s subject to being hanged with any balance one way or the other. Hot is more oil, cold is more dryness.

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Sweat – Sweat not only contributes to the excess oil but irritates the dryer skin as well. Stay cool and rinse your face as soon as possible.

Overdoing it – Balance is key, so if you wash so much that you only care for the oily part of your face, your making the rest of your face even drier.


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Rinse your face often, and wash as often as you brush your teeth.

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If you know you’ve eaten something particularly greasy and its around your mouth, wash as soon as possible just around the area.

If you participate in the more nightly types of exercise, your skin is in a really great place after an hour. Do a light cleanse and take advantage of the pores attempting to work with you.

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Multi/Rainbow masking with BonVivant is a godsend of an idea. Gray by the hairline and nose, green on forehead and chin, and pink on cheeks is a great system to start.

Overnight masks are likely to irritate, and moisturizers can even feel heavy. Rinse, rinse, rinse before after and in between for everything. Hot water for most of the routine, and cold after your skin gets all it has to absorb. Give it a few seconds and even rinse after moisturizer. The only thing to leave on your face untouched is a nice mist.

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Remove makeup properly.  You’re playing with fire. Some days your mascara may stay and blend a bit with the eye bags but still make your eyes pop–and others it may cause small red bumps or irritation. Do not chance it.

Shower at night. Even if it’s a 5 minute shower, don’t let anything sit on your skin. Using the steam from the shower and a light cleanser, you can avoid the stripping properties of makeup wipes and the like.

Change your sheets often. The cleaner everything that touches your kin for prolonged periods is, the cleaner your skin is.

Remember that the work is not forever. It gets your skin to a decent enough state that daily becomes weekly or every so often. Love your skin, and yourself. Do what’ll make you proud you tried.

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