Skin Type: Dry Skin

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Dry skin types have it rough…literally. The natural, healthy layer of lipids on the skin’s surface are being compromised by the environment or even what you do yourself. It’s important to be able to recognize your skin type, so you can know what to do about it.

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Common Symptoms

  • Pores are small and barely visible. They’re tight, so clogged pores aren’t all that common.
  • Complexion feels rough to the touch; some flakiness is expected.
  • Skin appears slightly dulled.
  • Red patches appear regularly, often aggravated with temperature changes.
  • Lines are visible earlier on in life.
  • Lacks elasticity and prone to cracking, peeling, itching, irritation, and inflammation.


Common Causes

Genetics – There’s not a whole lot you can do about your starting point, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unmanageable. Being prone to something isn’t quite the same as being cursed with it. You can do this.

Health – Know what you’re putting into your body with your medications, and also how your conditions affect your skin. Hyperthyroidism and PCOS are some examples of those which have negative effects on your face.

Aging – Losing elasticity usually goes hand in hand with losing collagen later in life. That youthful glow isn’t easy to maintain.

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Excessive Weather – Cold air, hot air, wind, and sun can all exacerbate dry skin issues.

Heating – The dry air leads straight to dry skin. Be careful with keeping the environment suitable for skin.

Tanning – UV Rays are the enemy of dryness, and every active thing promoting it needs a bit more work to combat it.

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Long, hot baths/showers – As addictive as they are, you’re consistently drying your skin out of any of its natural oils over time. Pores are opening and everything goes straight down the drain. Steam doesn’t work the way you think it does.

Soap – STAY AWAY FROM SOAP. Do not let it touch your beautiful face. It is incredibly drying and the only thing I recommend it for is drying out a blemish just taken of–and even then would hesitate for this skin type.

Misusing moisturizer – Right so, do not just put this on dry skin. One of the reasons people are encouraged to put on lotion after a shower is because their skin is damp. Moisturizers keep moisture in your skin like a barrier with topical niceties. If it is dry to begin with, it keeps nothing in and instead blocks anything else even moisture coming in after. It will clog pores and actually leave to more issues. Always apply to damp skin. and give it a minute. If it feels heavy and like a lot of excess, rinse.

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Uncomfortable Clothing – Itchy is forever and usually gets worse. Get some fabric softener or ditch the rub.

Dehydration – Everyone says this–but if you ain’t gonna drink it, wear it. Don’t wanna pee every hour on the hour? Fine. Splash your face though.


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Sleep masks are honestly your best friend. They will do the work as you sleep and you really need that time to let products absorb. Brands like Laneige and Mizon have a ton of water based products to help.

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Using oil cleansers is a great way to start with hydration.

Constantly work your way through the steps, rinsing all the way. Make water a big part of your routine with constant intermissions of 5 splashes or so. Finish on a light moisturizer always.

Be gentle with the exfoliating. It makes sense to try and get rid of dead skin, but you risk damaging the skin just under it that isn’t ready to let go yet.

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Peel masks work great, but can make you cry. Trying a face peel on its own is effective, but skin below the dead skin is especially sensitive to acidic ingredients.

Be patient and systematic, your skin is worth it. Moisture and water for everything.

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I’ll be doing more specific product recommendations in the future. My skin type is combo oily and dry so I have a lot of products for all. However, I wouldn’t recommend without relying on my friend a bit with fully dry skin to double check. I’ll just tell you how it went. Much love.


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